Trade Marks

Why protecting your brand is important

Trade Marks are an invaluable asset to your business as they give you an identity. A brand tells your customers who you are by uniquely identifying your products or services and, as a result, inspires confidence in your business.

Securing a Registered Trade Mark is therefore vital and has many benefits, in particular:

  • The ability to prevent others using an identical or similar brand for identical or similar products and services without your permission, including counterfeit providers; and
  • If properly maintained a Registered Trade Mark can last forever – it runs for 10 years with the option to renew it for further 10 year periods indefinitely.

A trade mark can be a word, logo, slogan, character, or even certain shapes.

Trade Mark Searches

We always recommend an assessment of the strength of your trade mark, and a search to check if a similar or identical trade mark is already registered and whether this will prevent registration or use of your brand. It may be possible to register the same trade mark for different products and services if you operate in a different field as long as there will be no confusion between the brands. We can help you decide with one of our various search packages tailored to suit different budgets, whether you are a start-up or established business. We review search results under the current law and will provide you with comprehensive and clear advice.

Trade Mark Applications

Preparing a trade mark application involves care and skill. We will advise you on the best coverage available for your brand and assist you every step of the way, from the preparing the application and dealing with complex trade mark examination issues, to delivering your Registration Certificate.

While most businesses choose to start with a UK or EU application, ipconsult can also help to protect your brand around the world using our network of established Associates.

Trade Mark Disputes

Sometimes a third party may want to object to your application, or you may need to object to an application and enforce your valuable trade mark rights. ipconsult’s Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys can assist you with all kinds of trade mark disputes. Whether you are enforcing your rights or need defending in a trade mark action, we can help.

Licensing, Franchising & Selling

Once your trade mark is registered, we can help you to license, sell, transfer, mortgage or franchise your trade marks and business.

Please contact us for further information on how we may be able to assist with your trade mark.