A patent is applied for to protect an invention. A patent may protect a product and its function, a system or a method of doing something. In order to succeed in obtaining a granted patent your invention must be:

  1. new – there is no other product, system or method with the same combination of features, and
  2. inventive – it would not be obvious for someone skilled in the field of invention to come up with the same idea.

In order to be considered patentable your invention must meet both criteria.

In the UK the patent process can take up to five years, therefore it can be some time before you will know if you will be granted a patent. We will guide you throughout this process and can advise you of ways in which this process may be accelerated in certain situations.

A patent cannot be enforced until it is granted, and a granted patent can only be enforced in the country in which the patent is registered. This means that separate rights must be applied for in different countries or regions. We can advise on seeking foreign rights and help you develop an appropriate filing strategy for your project.

There are some exceptions as to what you can obtain patent protection for, and this varies in different countries and regions. Therefore, in some cases it may not be possible to protect your invention with a patent. Once we understand the nature of your invention we can advise on any elements that may not be considered patentable.

Our charges for preparing a UK patent application, inclusive of the official fees for filing, search and substantive examination, usually start from, £3000 + VAT, dependant upon the field of technology, the amount of information provided and complexity of the invention.

Don’t forget that your IP may be eligible for protection by more than one form of IP right.

Please contact us for further information on how we may be able to assist with your patent.