Copyright is a right that exists automatically on creation of an original qualifying work. Work can be marked with the copyright symbol ( © ), although as protection is automatic it is not a requirement to do this.

A qualifying work may include different forms of written, drawn, typed, or recorded works. For example, copyright may exist in illustrations, photographs, dramatic, literary or musical work, software, web content, a database, sound recordings, video recordings, broadcasts or the layout of a publication.

Copyright prevents people from using your creation without your permission. For example, copyright can be used to stop someone copying, sharing or adapting your work.

The term of copyright protection depends on the type of work. In most countries and regions copyright exists for the life of a creator plus a period of time after their death. However, in some cases the term of protection is calculated from creation.

We recommend that you always keep a record of the date on which you create a work. This will help if you ever need to enforce your copyright.

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