Overseas Associates

Filing Patents, Registered Designs & Trade Marks

We believe we are unique in that we have a very simple fee structure. This enables you to manage your client’s billing clearly.

We do not charge separately for minor administrative or clerical matters, such as claiming priorities (unless there are more than 10 separate priority claims), or for filing routine forms such as powers of attorney (POA) unless there are additional requirements, such as notarisations or translations are required.

We make a single administrative charge for filing an application. Our fixed administrative filing charges for UK and European/EU applications are listed below:

Application TypeFixed Administration Filing Charge (£)
UK Patent Application500
European Patent Application850
UK Registered Design250
EU Community Registered Design500
UK Trade Mark250
EU Community Trade Mark500

Please Note

Official fees are charged in addition to the above administrative charge.

Additional fees are due if you require us to advise on, amend, or complete missing elements for an application you provide to us.

Separate fees are chargeable for responding to Examination Reports. Upon reviewing each Report we will provide you with our fixed fee to respond.

For further information, please contact us.