Intellectual Property Consultants

ipconsult are intellectual property consultants who can help you protect, manage and develop your intellectual property (IP). We work with individuals and businesses to identify IP needs and advise on how IP rights can be protected in line with project strategy.

We specialise in the commercialisation of IP and will work with you to help generate profit by preparing and negotiating licence agreements. We will consider and advise on other matters, such as structuring your IP so that you may be able to benefit from the Patent Box scheme. We can also introduce you to experts who can provide specialist services to help take a product to market, identify potential licensees, and help you claim Research and Development Tax Credits where appropriate.

We work on a fixed price basis wherever possible.


We can assist with all aspects and all stages of UK & worldwide patent applications.

Trade Marks

We deal with trade mark searches, applications & disputes, along with licensing, franchising & selling.

Registered Designs

We are able to advise on registered design and design rights for the UK and overseas.


We can provide assistance with copyright matters on qualifying works on all kinds.

Overseas Associates

ipconsult can assist with seeking or managing IP rights both in the UK and overseas. We have an extensive global network of Associates with whom we work closely to represent our clients’ interests.

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